"Happy Monday to you, dynamic spirit! 🌟
As you step into this new week, may it unfold like the masterpieces of Da Vinci -
full of creativity 🎨, precision, and wonder.
Let each day bring a blend of success πŸš€ and learning,
much like Shakespeare's profound narratives πŸ“š.
May your week be a symphony of productivity, harmonious meetings 🀝,
insightful dialogues, and joyful moments 😊.
Wishes for a fruitful week resonate with opportunities for growth 🌱,
inspiring encounters, and an abundance of positive vibes! 🌈
Embrace the week with the enthusiasm of an explorer discovering new horizons 🌍.
Make it brilliant! ✨"

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Black Coffee Network is a vibrant pan-African youth network and organization. It was established in 2017 and is officially registered as a community-based organization in Nakuru County. The roots of Black Coffee Network can be traced back to a small group of friends who would gather over a cup of coffee to discuss the challenges they encountered in their lives. Over time, this simple coffee connection has blossomed into a vast network comprising numerous young individuals from Nakuru County and even extending beyond its borders.

Our Mission

To be a youth led organization and network that will spearhead real change in Africa by encouraging youth participation across all sectors of development and to spearhead positive African spirit among the youth

Our Vision

An expanded youth network operating across the African continent and beyond and spread our activities to various high schools, campuses and youth incubation centers

Our Goals

    Meaningful Youth participation


    Team Mocha
    Team Latte


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to serve better


16 Days of Activitism

  • Goal: GBV Sensitization
  • Participants: Youths

Join Us to Make a difference


London Youth Engagement

  • Goal: End Violence
  • Participants: Young men and Women from London

Violence and drugs are rampat in Nakuru, we take proactive measures to end this



We visit different Orphanages

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

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